May I Photograph You?

A lot of my work wanders in and out of portraiture, and so, I am almost always looking for new people to photograph. Every portrait is a new conversation, and every conversation, a thread that strings together my photography.

I am not necessarily looking for models. A majority of people I photograph are those who aren't used to being photographed. Lawyers, writers, stylists, journalists, even photographers.

I don't know what the pictures would look like. Indoors or outdoors, in the midst of chaos, or in the midst of yourself, intricately stylised or nude. That's for us to discuss, and us to find out.

If you believe that my photography is something that you connect with, I seek your time, trust, access. What I can offer is my gratitude and maybe, a photograph.

If this interests you, I would really appreciate it if you can fill the form below, so that I can get in touch with you.

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I am usually in Bombay, but life is often elsewhere.
Tell me a little about yourself and why you want to make pictures with me. If you are on Instagram or any other platform, do mention your handle.